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My Dream Journal

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 21, 2014, 10:54 AM

Dream 10/18

A castle in the middle of the ocean. It had a private beach running around it with white stables and a large black stallion. It had gardens and luxury. 

It began when a young man started appearing to me. He was tall, with perfect skin and golden blonde hair, slightly curly. He looked like a prince. But I knew from the start that he was not human. Indeed, there was something slightly evil about him. He would use different host bodies to appear and materialize in human form (always the same physical traits) he would spread himself into vapor like energy and follow me around. One time when I was shopping, I caught a stream of vapor flash across the ceiling like lightning... another time at night he used the violent wind of a storm to move through the shadowy leaves of a tree over my head. 

And then, he started taking me to his castle. I never knew where I was, or how exactly we got there. But I knew peace when I was there, and that nothing else seemed to matter. He would let me ride his grand horse, as much as I pleased, through the endless sand of his beaches. When I wasn’t with him, he would follow me around and I knew he could always see me in a sense. When I wanted him, I would call to him and he would find a way to come to me in human flesh. Not before long, we started making love, and I physically yearned for him constantly. I would call (or even text) him and he would be there within seconds. It was sinful pleasure. 

Once, I attended a wedding of a relative and there- I was catching up with an old friend... my friend Chris from college. He appeared to me later and claimed he was jealous. That he could never  be true human like my friend. 

Then one day I woke up in his castle and there I stayed for years. I found that soon I was acquiring his powers... I could materialize and travel by the winds, and I did this to spy on my family and friends because as happy as I was, I missed them. They grew worried for me and soon began a search. Somehow, I convinced my spirit companion to allow them to visit. I forget how they got to the island, but my mom visited with a few others. I gave her a tour of the place, particularly the castle but she was not pleased. They could not see my spirit and they wanted me to come home. This angered and frightened my ghost. I could feel his sad presence around me, suffocating me. One night I called to him and told him I wanted him and he did not come. He gave me riches and expensive clothing that appeared in my closets. I was torn. I got in a fight with my mom while we were walking on the beach and jumped on the back of the black stallion, screaming for him to run. My mom ran behind, and to my amazement she could keep up with the stallion’s gallop. That was my first glimpse of confusion and reality. This was all an apparition. The spirit was using his energy to make this place real for me... so that I would stay. He was tricking me. I knew he was lonely, and I loved him, I lusted for him. But what was I to do?


I was a poor girl on a farm with lousy parents who were always away or never around and didnt care. We had animals to take care of, and I ended up having to find ways to care for them because my parents would forget or not give a shit. I was pretty muich always alone. One day, I decided to run, and took a leap over a pond and up a chain link fence into a vortex “bubble” that transported me into another world or rhealm. The rhealms - There was a forest area, a vast ocean with different islands, and a circus land where the dream ended. In the circus land there was a candy shop that we would frequently go to, (I made friends with the girl cashier who worked there) We would get candy like those flavored sticks they have at cracker barrel. There was also a small village with numerous shops there and up on a hill, a circus. On this circus land I had many friends - a girl, a guy with dreads, and another guy that was into me who I was hanging out with. It was my last night visiting that rhealm, so we celebrated by going to the circus. We were in this long line for a rollercoaster ride and I saw my mom (in real life) there and she was going to join us. Going from rhealm to rhealm was sort of like the scene in Harry Potter, where they traverse into “Hogwarts Station” at the train station by going through a certain wall in a certain place. This was similar, in that one could see a clear fluid vortex in the air (not everyone could see this) and you had to focus with all your will to go into it, if you didnt have the full intent - it wouldnt work. 


Apocolyptic - One night, a swarm of dragonoid humans invaded our city... and the rest of the world. They had many human aspects - human facial features and reptilian body with hard armored scales and sharp pointed teeth. They had dragon like wings on their backs and were able to fly at super human speed. They were partially blind, with slits as eyes, yet had acute hearing. As they invaded maliciously tearing people apart limb from limb with their teeth and claws, we began to learn that they detect movement and noise very easily, which sends them into a frenzy. We adapted by remaining extremely still at the sight of one of these creatures. As long as one remained still, one seemed to be temporarily undetectable to these beings. These unknown things seemed to be widespread over all the continents in the world, and the government released a map with 5 or 7 top secret major underwater bases scattered around the oceans. Each continent was assigned to one of these bases and must fly by planes to one immediantly. Flying proved to be extremely dangerous however, provided that these things could fly at supernatural speeds even in high altitude. 


A very handsome British blonde vampire in his late 20’s turned me into his fledgling. Although I was merely a fledgling, he gave me strong, ancient blood that enabled me to absorb some of his pretenatural powers. This included the ability to “soar” very swiftly above the clouds, very high enough to peer down at the world. He taught me the ability to “fast travel” to any location in the world in a matter of mere seconds. I remember this ability vividly... we would shoot up above the heavens... hovering in the clouds at night looking down past our shoes at the world bellow illuminated by millions of tiny lights. It was beautiful. I quickly became close with his little coven of vampires which consisted of myself, my maker, and two or three others - a woman close to my age and a couple of men. One of the other men was an ancient, and wise beyond his years. One night we were especially hungry, and feeling frisky and restless. As we were hovering above the clouds looking down on the lit up world, we consulted the ancient as to where we should go to feed tonight. We were seeking out the lowlifes - the top thiefs, criminals, murderers, rapists... The ancient one told us London would be a good choice for this bloodbath. And so we focused on London, and with a whirl of wind at my ears I opened my eyes as I hit the cold hard pavement of a brightly lit street. We were all there in an instant, in the wet streets of London. It was around midnight, and we were in a shabby, questionable side of town, the “red light district” of London as you will. We proceeded to make our way through these filthy drenched streets, through bars, brothels, and night clubs. We were filled with elated glee and power. The power is what I most remember. I was filled with an unbound energy and stamina, and the night was at the fingertips of myself and my companions. We went on a massacre, feeding on the worse scoundrels of London and making a sport out of it.


Animal Brothel

From what I remember, I was in the body of an animal on a large boat anchored in this sort of “cove” surrounded by islands. I was with other animals, like myself, with a human soul inside and the ability to think and reason but stuck in animal form. I quickly discovered that this “ship” was an animal brothel. We were strictly here on this ship as prostitutes to offer our services to others on the islands surrounding us. The strange thing is I do not recall what animal I was, although I clearly remember offering my services to a giraffe (being told that giraffe’s are shy but great lovers) and a lion female who thanked me for the great anal afterwards. 


In the first dream, i was in a heavily populated urban city with a strange blend of skyscrapers (similar to NY) and chains of small rural bungalow houses. I had the power of flight, I was able to sour above this city and travel to many places. The place I remember most clearly - one being a small bungalow with a dead crispy “bill” from true blood on its porch hunched over a table. All of the true blood characters were slain and in various poses in this bungalow. They were all bloody and charred. If I touched one they would re awaken as a zombie so I had to maneuver around them carefully. In this house, I found a pair of wings, in which I put on and became this powerful dragon hybrid . I was enormous in size, and garnet and black. I rose out of the bungalow over the skyscrapers of NY and began to blast its citizens with fire from my mouth. I also had two machinegun -esque barrels in my arms that shot out a type of pin needle instead of bullets. I was completely industructable. 

In another part of this dream - I vaguely remember being inside an old palazzo style home in which I was in the company of a small boy who lived there. He wanted to show me something, so we proceeded up the stairway to the top of the home (it was all open) as we proceeded upwards, an awful stench surrounded me as I realized above us, there were several decaying bodies. There were several of them, all moldy and black and decaying (the boys family)

In yet another sequence of this dream I was with Anna Paquin and we were visiting a small little tribe whose wherabouts I do not recall. This tribe was very primal, dirty, and animalistic. They were all almost naked and caked in grime and dirt. There were bones everywhere... large, old, grimy animal bones.. in which the tribe would sleep and sit on. These bones were in piles and piles and formed a sort of arena around a boiling pit of blood and excretement. The smell was unbearable. These people of the tribe were gathered in small groups, hunching over and gnawing on the bones in which they sat and rested in. They were starving. We were visiting on a special day where the people of the village would host a series of “games” ... I do not remember clearly but these games had something to do with the boiling blood moat. 

“Oikos”              10/10

This dream was charged with fear, sexuality, and raw passion. I was about my current age, living in a small little apartment or home and was constantly alone. I first met the Oikos when I was wandering through the woods and stumbled upon a large, unusual tree. A wild but beautiful man was there, a man that was one with nature. I immedeantly felt an undeniable lust towards him, almost as if he were the God of lust himself. He stood there half naked, wearing nothing but a fur tunic with long black hair snarled with bits of twig hanging halfway down his back. He had dark black eyes and broad features... dark with hints of native american and greek. I followed him to his dwelling beneath this tree. He had made a small little home there beneath the roots of mostly fur. There we had hot passionate sex. When I left him, he told me with his eyes that I would be able to find him again in subtle ways... but to not be afraid. I did not understand what this meant at the time but I hesitantly left him. I realized then, that this strange man lived in another “dimension” or time of sorts. When I was back in my dimension, time was different... everything was different. I longed for this strange wild man of the wood. One night, I was walking down the hall of my apartment when I noticed something shift in a painting on the wall. Peering at it, I was stunned, for I saw his figure shift into the painting and his unmistakable dark eyes gazing back at me. I then instantly knew what to do, I stuck my hand out and plunged it into the painting. I felt an incredible burning sensation spread through my body and in a flash I opened my eyes and was back in that same wood. I felt strange. To my horror, I felt my belly and realized I was 7 months pregnant. As Oikos said, time was different here. I would be having his son. I was scared but he was strangely ecstatic. I then began visiting him more and more often. Something just drew me to him. The day came when I gave birth in his little fur haven beneath the roots of the large twisted tree. I birthed not one, but a litter of 7 small children - all boys. I did not know how that was possible, however anything seemed to be possible in this dimension. After the birth, things began to change. Oikos grew darker, .... dangerous. I remember fearing him... plotting when I would escape with my children back to my home. We had made a network of chambers below this tree. We had almost a palace of sorts down there... with a room for each boy and a grand parlor with a piano in the center. We had a few slaves as well - including a cook and a butler who would play the piano with fine dexterity and sing for us in the evenings.  I saw a rage building in Oikos that I had not seen before. He scared me and the children. I did not know where this rage came from, only that I feared for my life. We still continued to have frenzied, passionate, animalistic sex yet I had the feeling he wanted more and more children. One night, when Oikos was sleeping, I acted swiftly. I roused the children from their sleep and silently crept through the long corridors with them following my lead. We made it down to the parlor, where the I had the butler singing to cover up our footsteps. As we crept past the piano to the front of the room, we heard a large wooden door slam and knew it was Oikos. A horrible fear clenched my stomach as I looked around the room for an escape. A large painting of a chapel caught my eye and I led the children there. One by one, we flew through the painting and ended up in the pews of a large church in the midst of a mass. The same hymm continued on through the lips of the priest... the same as our beloved butler was singing when we left. To my horror, I watched as a darkness came over the priest, there was a glint in his eye and a gurgle in his throat. At that instant, I knew it was Oikos. He had made it through to my dimension - through possession of that priest. He began to chase us through the large church. I had to do it to protect my children. I stabbed him in the head with a long knife, killing the priest and sending Oikos back to his realm. I continued to live my normal life with my children. Every once in awhile, I would catch a glimpse of Oikos through a reflection in a mirror, or a painting on the wall. He looked even wilder then before, but solemn and alone. Despite everything that had happened, I still yearned for him...

( this morning i looked up “Oikos” and it’s a term for an ancient greek family unit. It consists of the head “master” of the household and his subservant wife and children - mostly boys were favored over girls)


I don’t remember any details except for the fact that I was in some sort of park and saw David. He comforted me and hugged me for awhile.  

Before the night of this dream, I was having a horrible day. He seems to be there in my dreams whenever there is some drastic change in my life. That makes me nervous


I was part of an enormous, elaborate theatre. Me and many girls would put on shows to royalty and the rich dressed only in the most ornate and fashionable clothing. The theatre served as a cover up for a whorehouse. Our master kept us there, forcing us to do services for him and work the theatre. He only chose the most beautiful girls and raised us to act and put on a good show. Most of us were orphans. One day, I escaped, and made my through several small eccentric villages. The master, immedeantly recognizing my escape, pursued me always - yet he could change his facial features and hair so that I never knew who to watch out for. One of the villages that I remember consisted entirely of mice people who were very merry and invited me to a large banquet dinner they were having. 


2 dreams - 

The first one consisted of a huge underwater dome somewhere in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. For whatever reason, me and a large group of males and females in my age range were selected to build a civilization there from ground up. The place was top secret. we had special sonar and equipment as well as boats that we had to take out to the exact spot above the dome and with scuba equipment, we had to descend several feet below the surface to find the entrance. The dome was huge. The outer perimiter was used for a large track for running and sports and served as a gym. Inside that were large ceiling high glass walls encasing the rest of the dome consisting of bed chambers, offices, studios, movie theaters, kitchens,etc. Our purpose there is fuzzy, but we were successful at starting our own little seclusive colony in this underwater dome. 

The 2nd dream -

I was an adventurer exploring deep jungles, caves, grottos, etc. I was equipped with various weapons, most of them consisting of a special type of gun which required wooden bullets. I was experimenting with gathering different types of wood and making the bullets suitable for the guns. Some of the guns also functioned as melee weapons. Most of the enemies I encountered were undead zombie like goblins and creatures. In one of the caves, I encountered the spirit of a little girl who told me her story of how she lived on a farm with her sister. They were both shape shifters and dreamed of escaping from her parents one day. The one girl would often shift into a small huskie puppy and venture out to the perimaters of the farm planning an escape route. Little did she know, her sister would often shift into a piglet and be following her tracts, watching from afar. One day, she discovered a little tunnel or burrow that led from underneath some floorboards of her house out to the bordering forests of the farm. She told this exciting news to her sister and together plotted their escape. The next morning when their parents were out tending the crops, the two sisters together morphed into their dog forms and went through the burrow tunnel to the forest where they made their escape. They encountered a high wall covered in vines and thorns. One sister made it over, however the other got caught up in the vines and howled and yelped in pain. The parents, hearing the cries, suspected something was up and quickly showed up at the bottom of the wall as huge savage wolves. Having to make a very fast decision, whether to return home with her sister and suffer the punishments or run, the girl jumped over the wall and ran. For some years, she ventured the forest, sometimes as a girl, and sometimes in her pup form, always feeling intense guilt at leaving her sister behind with her cruel parents. 


I was in a large victorian style mansion. There were a few others in the dream but I can’t recall them clearly. I vaguely remember a fancy courtyard in the middle of the building with a throne where the King and Queen would come out and sit at night. I remember hopping from window sill to window sill ... the buildings were all close together and I get the feeling there were canals... maybe Venice? 

At one point in the dream I became alone and lost in the corridors of the mansion, it turned into a labyrinth of sorts. I became flustered and filled with a sense of dread as I tried to find a way out. There were flickering lights (almost like strobe) and that’s when I began to notice the manequins surrounding me. It appeared that the court of the mansion were all turned into living manequins and they were slowly enclosing me. Each time the light would flicker off they would inch closer. With each step and light flicker they grew closer and closer and appeared to be following me. 


This night before sleep I briefly tried the past life regression/ self hypnosis exercise. I didn’t really get anywhere because my mind was racing and I could not fully relax and become consumed in it. However once i fell asleep I had very complex, detailed dreams. I was more like a third party observer in this dream, therefor I cannot recall if I was male or female or my age. There was a war of sorts going on and my side was vastly outnumbered. Our castle was being taken over by a large army... at first their identities were fuzzy - they wore masks and rode fast, galliant horses. They raided in on our huge castle, trampling down fleeing men with their own horses. They rode their steeds through the castle, actually riding up and down staircases (which even in the dream I thought peculiar) I witnessed several of my men being slain before my eyes. Towards the end of the dream I was floating through a vast large opened room with high ceilings and waterways on either side. Their were hundreds of wooden boats, (possibly canoes)? and for the first time I could see all the faces of our enemies. They all appeared to be asian. I then flashed forward closer to our ruler in his canoe. He announced that our side needed to surrender because we were clearly outnumbered. He then layed back in his canoe and slit his throat so deeply and forcefully that his head came clean off. At this sacrifice, the other side appeared to be joyous and victorious , satisfied they rejoiced and released all of our prisoners. 


Dream 1 - 

It started out in a movie theater.... The person with me started out as male. I remember being very annoyed because through the entire first half of the movie he was on his phone paying no attention whatsoever to me or the movie. I stormed out and left. I then ended up in a large auditorium - like  . He followed me out and confronted me. At this point in the arguing he changed identities and became a woman. I cannot recall if I know this person in real life however I have the feeling that I did. We argued and things became very heated. We were walking through this large building and things began to warp and change. Suddenly,  whole mood of the dream changed and we started laughing and running through the corridors. We were overcome with a sense of euphoria, destruction, and mischief. We ran through a series of areas, including a playground, gymnasium, and a few bars/ restaurants were we wreaked havoc, destroying any obstacle that got in our way. We ended up at an enormous beautiful ancient tree. It’s trunk was thick and twisted and had gnarly large branches that seemed to extend up forever. We began to climb this tree for what seemed like awhile, laughing and shouting the whole way. In the meantime, an angry mob of all the employers of the places we just destroyed were following and chasing us. As they grew closer, they became a mob of angry spider monkeys that began to swiftly climb the trees after us. As they got closer and closer a strange thick sap began to pour down all over us from above and stuck us to the tree. Later, I “came to” and me and my friend were lying at the roots, cracking out of the hardened sap. It was if we were “reborn”. That is as much as I can remember. 

Dream 2 

This dream had a definate tone of misery, abandonement and loneliness. I was a young child (gender not determined) in a dirty, tall verticle run down building. I was with several other children both girls and boys. We were all dirty, grimey, malnourished and crowded into a dimly lit stuffy building. I remember seeing marks on the walls that we marked in dirt, one slash for every day we were stuck there. There were 300 marks. I also remember crawling up to the top window and peeping out at the little beam of light ... the only light in the building. The window was barred but I could peer out at the playground below. It was a bright sunny day and there were children playing. Happy children.sAnd all we could do was watch wearily out. That was when I noticed our captor. He was large. A large dirty grimey man who went out to that playground and brought back little children like us to be his prisoners. I saw him bringing back another. We all were filled with dread . We feared and hated this man. 


The two dreams I vividly recall last night both had a supernatural tone... with feelings of supreme power and control , supernatural powers.... but also accompanied by fear, lust, disgust, and other mixed feelings. The first one I recorded  dealt with the following. I was some kind of vampiric being with supernatural powers. I was trying to sneak into this huge house. After trial and error, I discovered that thismission was becoming a puzzle of sorts. For each time I entered the house, I could feel my powers depleting. This included flight, superior vision, etc. within the house was a large obese woman and a baby. I believe I had to steal the baby, or was determined to do so. Another part of the puzzle was if the baby woke up and cried, the large woman would get lost in a fit of violent rage and could come after me at an abnormal speed like a charging bull. This was terrifying. 

The second dream - I was in a very upscale high rise apartment/ condo with two brothers (or cousins) They were working illegaly as a sort of underground operation involving drugs and certain medical services. I dont remember how, but I found myself there under the one brother’s care. He was extremely handsome, with chiseled jaw and cheekbones, long shaggy shoulder length dark hair, dark eyes, and a set of small teeth with pointy canines. He had native american features. I do not recall his name. The other brother was always lurking about, and for whatever reason he made me uncomfortable. I stayed there with them for weeks, and wound up falling in love . We began an affair. I remember being put under for my “operation” but still being aware of my surroundings . During the operation, various people came and left the building, and at one point the police showed up but were dismissed by the clever, sharp witted brothers. When I woke up, I was in a fever and sweat laying in damp sheets. As my blurred vision began to focus, I noticed that there was a figure hovering slumped over my bed. I soon made out the figure to be his brother. He was staring at me with a strange look in his eyes, a hunger? It really freaked me out but I seemed to be paralyzed, melted into the sheets and too weak to move. It was then that my lover appeared and whispered in my ear to stay still, that his brother was a werewolf and the smell of my healing flesh aroused a hunger in him. I layed there in fear , but feeling safer with my lover beside me to protect me. The rest of the dream was a feverish blur.



Cruise ship of some sorts? rafts... sharks... lots of sharks. mom and kenny stuck on some shuttle thing (like airport shuttle but somewhere else) 


Some sort of enclosed amphitheater... there were thousands of people there. Unclear as to what the event was. Seemed to be a mix of a concert/ movie (IMAX screening) food fest, and live event sign ups all in one. I remember seeing many friends and people from my past (both old and new)  We were served various seafoods including lobster, shrimp, and freshly caught fish. There was also a beach, not sure if it was in or surrounding the amphitheater. There were dives, surfs, various activities going on in the surrounding ocean. There was also a huge projector in the dome screening grandious, various images of deep water creatures... almost alien like above us. The films seemed to correspond to the surrounding music ( a mix of dubstep and metal) I began to traverse the crowd, in which I came upon my mother who in dream was the same, however she had a peculiar tattoo on her neck- a Nazzi swastika, clearly visible. I found this odd and out of character but quickly shrugged it off. Most attendants there seemed to be dressed in tropical attire, doning sunglasses, tank tops and shorts. My mom followed me into the crowd . I looked up and saw Marilyn Manson performing live. It was indeed his voice I was listening to all along - performing the music in which the beautiful / strange images of bioluminescent fish danced to on -screen. We made our way up to him when he took a break. He was sitting near my friend Nichole and some other members of his band. He flicked some of his jet black hair hanging in his face aside, and gazed over at me with one pale blue eye.  He commented on my red leather handbag, and we quickly engaged in conversation. My mom adamently stated that her “tattoo” was just a joke, and didn’t mean anything, to which Manson just laughed. She then left us to chat. The rest is sort of a blur... a mix of music, fun, catching up with old friends, chaos....  


Underwater world

I was in a large underwater world of sorts. Near the bottom, along a ridge of coral and rock, stood a magnificent sand castle. This is where I took english classes from professor Anne Rice. The colors, ambience, and overall mood of the dream was vibrant, happy, and carefree. Thoughts and emotions seemed to just “flow” through the ebb and tide of the water and it’s currents. There were few worries , cares, or problems. There was also a sort of underlying “sexual energy” to this dream involving other characters of whom I, at the moment,  cannot recall.

I was taking a 35 qs written exam in Anne Rice’s class. We had about 30 minutes for this exam, with 2 extra questions added for extra credit at the end. I do not recall the content of the exam except that it was very tough and 30 minutes seemed hardly enough time for it. 


I was in a large grocery store shopping with my mom, brother, and grandparents. I went into the bathroom having really bad cramps and I suddenly went into a quick and easy labor where I birthed a beautiful , happy baby boy. I was shocked, confused, .... I didnt show hardly any signs of pregnancy (except for gaining a little bit of weight which i attributed to the Mirena) I had been drinking alot, and I was on the Mirena which makes it virtually impossible to get pregnant let alone have a baby. But the baby was normal size and healthy. I brought it out to show my family and then proceeded to buy various things for it such as diapers, formula, etc (all while carrying around the naked baby) The shopping grocery trip lasted for nearly 5 hours, a couple times we would somehow leave the baby on a shelf or somewhere else and scared shitless, run back to find it crying. It was a very odd dream, full of grocery shopping at various stores (we bought a shit ton of groceries) 


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